Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Update - 12/23/2009

Well I restarted work on this project, and so far I've gotten the basic "overworld" airship tiles into the rom. For now I have two pics to show you.

This image here is a small screenshot of the actual map.
If you remember in my old video about the Sidescrolling
concept in action, the whole background was black!
I changed this up and now I believe it looks much much more
appealing with the purple background and the stars floating around!

Here is a pic of the thing in game! It looks much more interesting
with the fog in the foreground (*cough* cheap clouds *cough*)

So yea, its something to look forward to in the next hack.
Your mission in the first part of my hack is to find the dreaded Bowser and engage him in combat!

Credits go to  Mario Fan Games Galaxy
(Which is an awesome resource site by the way!)

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