Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Early Happy New Years + A Small Update.

Well, the year has almost come to an end, and I see this year as the year that I learned how to do more advanced Rom Hacking. Mostly due to my "Paper Mario Redux" project which pretty much taught how to do everything I know now.

Now onto the main reason for this post. I've set up a thread on Pokemon Mario on the Pokemon Community forums. Check it out here!

You'll get a little bit more up to date with this, plus it raised awareness =P.

Well with that being said I would like to thank these following people.

PatJamma - A true friend who has a great amount of patience, glad you didn't turn your back on me :)

Alasteir - A great pal, which I kind of regret not being in contact with. Was one of the "masterminds" behind Paper Mario Redux.

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